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At LCB, we're all about making store creation a breeze, whether it's for your school, business, organization, events, or any other purpose you can dream up!

When it comes to creating campaigns, we get it—finding that perfect balance can feel like chasing a unicorn. It takes a mix of skills and tech know-how that often seems like an impossible puzzle to crack. We have the perfect combination to create the perfect store to meet your goals.

Just A Few Features We Offer.

Our stores are extremely flexible and deployed quickly. Contact our team to discuss your concept today.

Turnkey Stores Complete With Custom Products

Fundraiser Module To Drive Funding

Customized For Virtually Any Type of Need.

Make Your Stores Private or Public

Ton of Features To Customize Your Needs

Get Started And Make Your Team Legendary

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We partner with the largest brands to give you the best price and quality possible.

Why Legendary Custom Brands?